Thursday, 16 October 2014

What are my philosophical values in the world, do we have to have them? Philosophy is the idea I would turn to if I were ever feeling low in life or perhaps an extraordinary event happened that, as a result, aided me or my cause.
However, the concepts I would not turn to when I'm in need would be religion. I believe that religion is just a metaphorical shoulder in which people gather round to cry on, or a seemingly endless well to throw all your hopes into and thinking somehow life will be that little bit better, no. Not to say that I am against an ideology that gives people security and hope, I just don't see the 'deity' image as feasible.
Coming back to my personal beliefs, I do believe in the spirit/soul of nature so I  would appear to be an Animist. I respect the power and aesthetics of nature and our coincidental appreciation of it, I would view every living creature; big, small, over or underwater as having an equal life value to my own. I feel like I have developed these beliefs from having an understanding with the world through exploration. I have visited many different countries in my life, so far, and have been given the chance to really get the chance to view the natural world in many forms, evidently, I presume an appreciation for this has grown from exploring it.
I could probably further investigate and test my beliefs through continued exploration of the world around me and see my appreciation for life potentially grow. But from another perspective, perhaps my beliefs in Animism opposed to religion are biased because I have been reluctant to explore religion and faith enough to actually appreciate it like I have with the natural world.          


  1. A few links to philosophers would help

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    You have presented good points, which are all well explained, and convincing. A lot of depth explored into your belief, which is good, and also I agree with what you said about religion and how it is viewed as a metaphorical shoulder to cry on. Your paragraph about Philosophy was original and interesting, as well as this it was presented in a well-argued and convincing manor. The only improvement I can suggest would be to include either some similar or counter views to your own or possibly some references to philosophers views so give your writing more depth and impact.