Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Deconstruction of an image:

This image was chosen because I believe it emits all the right feelings which add up to aspiration. What is aspiration? and what does it mean to be aspirational? According to definition, aspiration is a strong desire, longing, or aim; ambition. This can take many forms both mentally and physically. Mental aspirations which involves the pursuit for knowledge or enlightenment. Whereas physical aspirations can involve desiring a better physique or conquering an obstacle that challenges your body (hiking/travelling/building etc.)
Firstly, this image relates to all these values through the shadowing. The dark colours that progress into the light beams connote a progression. The light breaking through the claustrophobic atmosphere emits hope and that there is freedom from the dark gloomy area below which translates metaphorically to the human mind; the gloomy atmosphere being your negative thoughts and the light above would be your dreams. Another view on the positioning of the light could reference religion, the beams of light shining down and the glow of the sky mirrors the visualisation we know to be 'heaven' which in turn is a place desired by many who follow the religious path. Differently, the vines could be seen as the everyday shackles of society conforming and molding themselves round your mind to manipulate you into routine.